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MSRP: $18.00

Experience the miracle stone of Xoul, a clear and refreshing resin ingredient that is secreted in the treatment of Human Epithelial Cell Conditioned Media Extracts and Aquilaria Agallocha Water.

Rich Moisturization - This alkali soap with high cleaning power contains ingredients that increase the moisture content, so you can feel smooth without dryness after use.

Detergents from Natural Ingredients - Using natural cleansing ingredients such as stearic acid and lauric acid, which stimulates the skin with less irritation and a mild foam.

The Secret Of Cleansing
Strength of Aquilaria Agallocha

In the legendary and historical Korean medical document known as Donguibogam, Aquilaria Agallocha has been mentioned as a medicinal substance. It is a condensate that has been dispersed for many years to protect itself when it is damaged by germs or external impacts. It is said to be a medicinal herb that has its own celestial scent.

• Antibacterial action with immunological substance

• The nature of aquilaria agallocha helps regenerate or improve weak immune system

• Calms sensitive and troubled skin

Move out of dust! Cleanse your skin with Miracle Stone!

Everyday we worry about our skin being exposed to dusts and dirts! Waste accumulates on the skin all day long, eventually causing trouble to the skin or lowering the physiological function of the skin. Start to care for your precious skin with Xoul Miracle Stone from today!


Natural ingredient Aquilaria Agallocha
Resin-based ingredients naturally secreted from the aquilaria agallocha tree that heal wounds help skin calm.


Feel the silky skin
The alkali soap contains good cleansing and xoul miracle stone has moisturizing ingredients, so you can experience smooth skin texture without drying out after cleansing.


Natural Surfactant
Instead of a synthetic surfactant that stimulates the skin, it uses natural ingredients such as stearic acid and lauric acid to form a mild foam with less irritation.


No preservatives No fragrances
It does not use any preservatives or artificial fragrance harmful to human body, so you can feel the natural fragrance that does not stimulate sensitive skin.


The secret of my clear skin.
Human Epithelial Cell Conditioned Media Extract

Human Epithelial Cell Conditioned Media Extract's growth factor EGF (Epithelial Growth Factor) and bFG-F(Fibroblast Growth Factor) effectively enhance skin barrier.



Wash hands thoroughly with water before using the soap.


With enough soap bubbles in hands, massage your skin gently.


Purify skin texture with Xoul Mist.


Finish skin care with your type of Xoul Daily Care Line.

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